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  • Tutorial : Add a note in your collection

    liste billets touristiques
    1) When you click on the album,
    billet non géré
    2) By default, you don't have any note in the list. By using form under add note, you will be able to manager your collection.
    billet manquant pour échange
    3) Let's add a missing banknote, to do this click on the dropdown list and select missing in the list. Enter the additional informations, you can enter a price for which you would like to buy this note .
    billet ajouté dans collection
    4) After some time, you'll probably find a member that can swap this banknote with you. You can then add this note with status ok (which is not "missing" nor "to swap" nor "for sale").
    billet supression manquant
    5) With the cross associate to the item, delete the "missing" note, we are looking for it anymore.
    billet double à échanger
    6) Let's see now how to add a double that you want to swap with an other member. When you select "double swap", enter the additional infos.
    billet double à vendre
    7) If you would like to sell the note, you need to specifiy a price .
    billet gestion de collection
    8) Great ! You now have three notes in your collection, with two doubles