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  • Dutch GP – Zandvoort

    Pourquoi la cote du billet 0 euro Dutch GP – Zandvoort explose

    billet 0 euro Dutch GP – Zandvoort 2020

    Les Spécimens

    Depuis le lancement des billets souvenir 0 euro en 2015, il est une tradition appelé billet « Specimen » C’est un billet touristique , qui au contraire …

    Les billets souvenir "Spécimens"

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  • New 0 euro banknote on the website, added on 04/04/2022

    Italy  Buona pasqua - Happy easter

    SEDY 2022 - 01

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    List of 0 euro banknotes Italy
  • History of banknote 0 euro

  • The first zero euro banknotes were printed in 2015.
    The inventor of these banknotes is Richard Faille, president of Euro Banknote Memory, who also created the concept of the souvenir medal.
    The first series contains around 100 different tickets, covering only French tourist attractions.
    They were on sale for two euros each.
    The concept quickly found its audience and passionate collectors began to visit France places to collect this new object. From 2016, the machine was started and the license was launched in 4 new countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain and Monaco
    In 2022, there are more than 2,500 banknotes from 30 countries in Europe and the rest of the world. In addition to tourist places, many tickets are now created for events or with the effigy of personality

    History of banknote 0 euro
  • Technicals details about 0 euro banknote

  • Souvenir banknotes are printed with the same specifications as banknotes, by Oberthur Fiduciaire, one of the largest printing companies in the world.
    The same security techniques are applied: Watermark, security thread, fiduciary inks, hologram or individual security number.

    Technicals details about 0 euro banknote